Biosphere Work Packages

WP B1: Vertical forest structure and biomass estimates from radar remote sensing techniques (Pol-InSAR)
Responsible: Dr. Konstantinos Papathanassiou (DLR-HR), Dr. Eckart Priesack (HMGU)

WP B2: Fusion of radar (L-band) and hyperspectral data to derive biomass, leaf area index and vegetation disturbance.
Responsible: Dr. Daniel Doktor (UFZ)

WP B3: Decoupling anthropogenic and natural factors for global forest monitoring to improve sustainable management and climate modelling
Responsible: Prof. Dr. Christiane Schmullius (FSU)

WP B4: Disturbance indicators and spatial heterogeneity in complex forests
Responsible: Prof. Dr. Andreas Huth (UFZ)

WP B5: Forest Structure Types – Identification, Ecological and Practical Relevance
Responsible: Prof. Dr. Hans Pretzsch (TUM)

WP B6:  Assessment of applicability of new remote sensing tools in forest certification
Responsible: Dr. Hans-Joachim Droste (FSC)

WP B7:  Combining remote sensing with Earth system models to evaluate feedbacks between forest stability and climate change
Responsible: Dr. Anja Rammig (PIK)

WP B8:  Coupling satellite data to dynamic forest models
Responsible: Prof. Dr. Andreas Huth (UFZ)