Cryosphere Work Packages

WP C1: Dynamics & mass balance of ice sheets, streams, glaciers and ice shelves
Responsible: Dr. Dana Floricioiu (DLR-IMF)

WP C2: Structural glaciology
Responsible: Prof. Dr. Angelika Humbert (AWI)

WP C3: Monitoring change of glaciers, ice caps and ice shelves
Responsible: Prof. Dr. M. Braun (FAU)

WP C4: Estimation of snow/land ice density profiles
Responsible: Prof. Dr. Irena Hajnsek (DLR-HR)

WP C5: Multi-scale sea ice motion and deformation fields from SAR data
Responsible: Dr. Wolfgang Dierking (AWI)

WP C6: Sea ice melting
Responsible: Dr. Marcel Nicolaus (AWI)

WP C7: Sea ice classification and thickness retrieval
Responsible: Prof. Dr. Lars Kaleschke (Universität Hamburg)

WP C8: Freeze/ thaw, soil moisture, and terrain disturbances in permafrost regions
Responsible: Dr. Birgit Heim (AWI)
Data products: Disturbance: permafrost cliff erosion doi: 10.1594/PANGAEA.846164

WP C9: Permafrost thaw-season subsidence
Responsible: Dr. Julia Boike, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hubberten (AWI)